Andrew Marmont | 13th October 2016
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13th October 2016

Hello readers,

It’s my favourite time of year. No, not the start of cricket season. Not the A-League or NBL either. It’s Test rugby league time. The Kangaroos host the Kiwis this Saturday in Perth. It should be a cracking contest. Both teams have selected a mixture of rookies and experienced heads. I’ve got a big issue with it though: it’s in Perth. The New Zealand rugby league team are fast-becoming better known in Australia than they are in their own country. The last test played in New Zealand was two years ago; prior to that, it was 2012. If the NZRL wants to Kiwi kids to connect with their team, they need to see them (like the All Blacks).

Phil Hughes

As grade cricket gets underway this weekend (for real this time, hopefully not rained out again), a quick comment on the Phil Hughes inquest. We’ve endured a court asking a cricket team about what happened that fateful day two years ago, when the young batsman was fatally stuck on the head by a bouncer. What good can come from it? Why ask about the sledges that happened that day? It had nothing to do with it. It was just a one-in-a-million accident.

What’s coming up

I’m off to G1X this week for a couple of days of sub-editing work. I also have a voice-over recording session on Friday, plus have a meeting with Readers in Hawthorn. Then next week I can’t wait to attend the Sports Writers Festival in Melbourne. I’m going to Tuesday’s sessions – get along too! Look out on Twitter for updates (@SportSideways).

What I’m reading

After finishing Caroline Overington’s The One Who Got Away, I’m about to start They’re Racing – The Complete Story of Australian Racing.

Sports writing of the week

Tiger Woods has delayed his comeback.. yet again. This piece sums up his influence as a world star – not just a golfer – beautifully. Thanks to Greg Cote from the Miami Herald.

Sports media shout-out

Thanks to Jess Smith (@Jess21Smith) for covering the AFL Women’s draft. At a time when the men are dominating headlines for the same reasons, it’s nice to see the women being promoted too.

Author shout-out

I recently connected with Eliza Henry-Jones on Twitter. She is an Australian author and her most recent novel, In the Quiet, is out in bookstores now. It’s a “moving, sweet and uplifting novel of love, grief and the heartache of letting go”. She has another novel coming out early 2017. Visit her at

Have a great week ahead.