Andrew Marmont | Inside the writing process
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Inside the writing process

(Pic: I made a quick trip to Sydney this week).

As you may know, my first book will be published next year (it’s on rugby league). It might be ten months away but I’m already starting to plan ahead.

I’ve been contacting my local bookstore (Readers in Hawthorn) to enquire about book launches, investigating writers groups and registered to attend events. Last week I went to a workshop on ‘Working the Slush Pile’ by Maria Alafaci, run by Writer’s Victoria ( It was interesting. I was amazed by the number of people who were writing a book because they felt like they ‘had a book in them’. Good on them for giving their creative juices a go.

Next up will be the Sports Writer’s Festival in Melbourne starting the 17th of October. More on that next week.

Changing seasons, but sport goes on

As the winter codes wind up their season – with the NRL and AFL grand finals finishing last weekend – we’ve had this interesting transition into the next sports to take up our time. The National Basketball League starts this weekend, with the A-League around the corner too. I spoke with some people from Fox Sports this week and they had a unique take on things. There used to be a break between seasons, a bit of downtime, but now sport never stops. It must be incredibly challenging to run a 24/7 sports station, where essentially you need content for every minute of the day.

What’s on next week

My incredibly enjoyable sub-editing role continues with G1x, ‘Australia’s home of racing on the internet’. Check them out at I’m also meeting with a voice-over recording expert to try my hand with a recording, plus meeting Desiree at Readings Hawthorn to talk about her store. And pitching article ideas to magazines.

What I’m reading

I picked up ‘The One Who Got Away’ by Caroline Overington (HarperCollins, 2016) to fill in my flight to Sydney this week… and I really enjoyed it. Almost finished it. It’s about a seemingly perfect marriage that isn’t all what it seems. Lots of twists and turns, a psychological thriller. Made my flight go very quickly. You can buy it here:

Sports writing of the week

I’ve chosen a heart-felt piece by the Sydney Morning Herald’s rugby league writer Andrew Webster. He penned a tribute to his colleague Rebecca Wilson, who passed away from cancer this week.

Sports media shout-out

Well done to Ben Cuzzupe (@BenCuzzupe), who got a job this week with EON Sports Radio as a broadcaster and journalist. He loves his football, so expect to see more from him now the season is underway.

Have a great week ahead.