Andrew Marmont | Services
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Whether in sport or business, it can be a challenge to ensure your content or message is conveyed effectively.

Andrew draws from a broad background in sports media production, writing and presenting to solve problems for his customers. Here is a summary of the services he is available for.


Andrew draws from his experience as an author, writing feature articles, interviewing and editing to provide compelling copy. He will ensure your copy is delivered on time and to your specific needs.


Services offered:

  • Feature articles
  • Long form writing (book writing)
  • Interviews
  • Ghost writing
  • Editing
  • Sub-editing
  • Newsletter/Blog writing


Andrew is an experienced presenter who works with national and international guests. With an Advanced ‘A’ Certificate in TV Presenting from industry leader TV Pro Global, he has the experience and talent to bring your product, service or business to life.


Services offered:

  • Television presenting
  • Radio presenting
  • Corporate presenting
  • Training videos.


Andrew specializes in producing content for radio and television programs with a focus on sport. He has produced national sports radio and local television productions for Australian and New Zealand audiences. He is a natural producer with an emphasis on attention to detail and a care for his product to create dynamic and varied programs.


Services offered:

  • Radio producing
  • Television producing
  • Sport production


Andrew offers voice-over services to corporate clients for television, radio or corporate training videos. He’ll capture the end result and ensure that the message is delivered as required.


Services offered:

  • Television voice-over
  • Commercial voice-over
  • Radio voice-over
  • Corporate voice-over

Get in touch with Andrew about an upcoming job?