Andrew Marmont | The power of networking: a story
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The power of networking: a story

The power of networking: a story

I’ve recently started going along to a local referral group. They have a breakfast meeting on Thursday mornings in Carnegie and it is all geared towards passing on work to different businesses. And it’s been fantastic.

As a sole operator or business owner, there are probably times when you’re thinking, “I just need to get out of the house,” (if you work from home) or would appreciate some human contact. That’s where networking helps.

And what if you’re busy (let’s hope you are), but don’t feel like you can extricate yourself from your work to grow your business or do some marketing. Well, I can tell you, a regular meeting can change habits quickly.

In the two weeks I’ve been a member – it’s run by an organisation called BNI by the way, our chapter details are here – I’ve already had three copywriting assignments come my way, formed a ‘power group’ (a small group of businesses who are in the same industry, but don’t compete as such – like website designers, social media and so on) and learned a heap of information about networking.

I also brought along a tradie friend. He told me he’s so busy actually doing his work, he’s hardly had time to try and get new business in, so there’s a steady pipeline of work. Ain’t that the truth.

I’m getting to understand that networking – or just by showing up at a meeting like this – can be a real shot in the arm for your business – but also for morale. Being a business owner can be suffocating and isolating at times – I’m sure you know that.

So, why don’t you go to a networking event next week? Whether it be a not-for-profit lunch (like Rotary), an industry event or a referral group like BNI. It might help you get out of a slump or rekindle some of that marketing gold.

And if you’d like to come along and have a nice cooked breakfast with my group, just let me know. It might start something for you. Have a successful week ahead.